Sunday, 10 April 2016

Smart Scooter: What You Need To Know

Smart scooter is a high-performance hand-carried balancing scooter. There are two sides of the container that give power to the motor.  The lateral box is optional for any electric scooter.

About the smart scooter

The product is completely open with the electric motor offering innovative design and reasonable mind that the user can easily understand. This scooter is bringing us the unprecedented driving experience of all time.

Operating principle

The real innovation in this smart scooter is whether it can remain upright, on its own. The driver does not have to balance it all. This is achieved through the innovative use of 5 groups of gyroscope within the subtree in which also is the principle of operation of this electric motor. Simply follows where your center of gravity is, and you are good to go!

With a PCB board chip controlling the signal flow, this smart scooter moves forward while currently pending forward and slows down while now pending backward or lower your center of gravity. The braking device is completely useless on this motor. This motor can also rotate 360 degrees with 0-rays, making it tight under flexible space.

Around the world

With four years of experience on the market, this smart scooter drives advanced technology and a skilled workforce. We are sure to get scooters at competitive prices without the middle man at There is an extensive range of stylish bike designs in bright colors. Do not forget to check out our last models.

    Please keep the balance scooter according to the user's manual.
    All problems about your balance scooter, please contact professionals who will provide, or read the manual.
    You only need to describe the problem when the motor has a problem.
    The company may send you with a new replacement after you send them the broken parts.

Quality & Certificates

Quality assurance is extremely important to any company. Smart scooter has advanced quality control and production equipment to disposal and can provide a consistent high level for the products. These scooters adhere strictly IQC, IPQC and FQC standards and specifications. The motors have been certified by CE, the FCC, and ROSH, etc.

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